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I was very impressed with the service I received from Home Survey Defects. Salvo was very professional and provided my Full Building Survey report 3 days after conducting the survey. Salvo was more than helpful in clarifying and advising on a couple of matters afterwards. Would highly recommend to anyone requiring a building survey. – 12/4/2020

Lin Green

Survey on a 1901 house. Would not have imagined the work needed until we had the survey report.
The thorough report helped us re negotiate the initially agreed price by £7000
Would certainly use again and without hesitation recommend. – Helen C – 13/2/2021

Would Certainly Use Again

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Salvo and his team. From my initial phone call I was given top class service. Salvo completed the survey extensively and we were extremely impressed by the depth and detail. He said we could speak personally to him if there were any aspects of the survey that we wanted clarification on, which we did. He spoke at length to us and we had a greater understanding and so we were able to speak to the estate agents about these matters. The estate agents were very impressed with his survey too!
Absolutely fantastic service and will definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a home survey!
Thank you

Mr and Mrs Sutton 13/2/2021

Massive Thank You to Salvo

Home Defect Survey conducted our survey on a property in Garstang recently.
I found Salvo and his team to be very professional and was very pleased with the Home Buyers report that they did for me.
The price was fair for such a detailed document and I would not hesitate to recommend them. – Andrew R – 01/02/2021

Very Pleased

Very professional and everything done in a timely manner.. Great communication and would definitely recommend. 24/7/2020

Yvonne Clark

Home Defect Surveys made the process of getting a survey done a painless and effortless exercise. Salvo was very professional and was available for query even after the survey was completed. I highly recommend him and will use him in the future on another home purchase if need be! – 26/5/2020

John Howley

I needed a survey of a flat I was considering buying. I’d never heard of Home Defect Surveys Preston but their price was competative so I took a chance.
I was well pleased with the result. A thorough job which identified some very serious issues I could never have known about. Although I could have used the information to try to drive down the asking price the issues were so serious I abandoned the purchase. The report was followed up a few days later with a phone call to check if I had any questions or wanted to dicuss any of the findings, which was very helpful. I would certainly use Home Defect Surveys again. Highly recommended. – 21/5/2020

Mr Sargent

Friendly and professional. There was no hard sell which I like, they got in touch to be of further help but in no way push for a decision, in fact said to phone them back if I wanted to use them. Approachable and ready to answer any questions and give further help even after report issued. If you want the personnel touch I recommend them. –  18/5/2020


Fantastic service and value for money. Salvo Eccles was very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. We received a comprehensive report very quickly as well as great advice. Can not recommend highly enough. –  22/03/2019

N Carradice

So glad we chose salvo to do our full building survey. The price was great and was conducted within days of us instructing due to us being in a rush. The survey was well put together and included everything we needed to know. Would definitely recommend. – 15/4/2020

Anne mckenna

The service was very professional and was well worth the money. The items picked up on the report were of great value to me and the workmen. I would strongly recommend anyone to use this service. – 15/4/2020

Tony Goldthorpe

After finding a property that had come onto the market to purchase, I required professional advice to uncover any potential hidden problems (as property was well below market value). So out comes the dusty good old yellow pages, and after a few searches (and interesting phone calls), was introduced to Home Defects Surveys. First of all I’d like to commend Home Defects for their professional and helpful manner in which they handled the initial call. They were able to highlight some issues with the property which managed to save me money and help me get my first property at the best price. A big thank you!! – 10/08/2016

Mr Jones – Preston

thank you salvo for your survey it was very informative with great detail with pictures of any defects included.
the report came through within a few days.I would recommend salvo to anyone who is looking for a survey to be done – 04/04/2020

bernadette penwortham

I requested a Home Buyers Report/Survey which Mr Eccles carried out on our behalf. It was very detailed and highlighted a few issues which we needed to address with the vendor.

I can’t recommend Mr Eccles enough. He was thorough and professional from start to finish. Any queries were followed up with phone calls and I am extremely happy with the service provided. I would definitely use Home Defect Surveys again.

Thank you so much Salvo for your valued advice, we appreciate it. – 26-5-2020

Elaine Webb

After viewing our first “Dream Home”, we were in need of a surveyor to carry out a home buyers report swiftly before we proceeded with a quick purchase to ensure the property was structurally sound. Found Home Defects Survey to be the cheapest and provided a truly professional service. Salvo, who carried out the report, was highly knowledgable about all aspects of buildings surveying, explaining it to us in an”easy-to-digest” manner. He swiftly confirmed the property was structurally sound with no major defects, which lead us to put a fast offer in an secure our first home! A big, big, Thank-you Sal!!! – 06/06/2017

Mr Jones

the report was done quickly and efficiently and was very informative, kept us in the loop and we saved money with renegotiation. 30/05/2017

Si – Southport

Just to say I thought the house was in fairly good condition, so glad I chose Home Defect Surveys, they saved me a lot of money on some items I can have now negotiated with the vendor, so much detail. The report was sent through very promptly and I was kept in the loop. Very good customer service and help to explain parts of the survey, would recommend to anybody thinking of getting a Survey – 16/07/2017

Shannon – Preston

We needed a full building survey but were worried who to get. Home Defect Surveys were brilliant, we dealt with Salvo who is independent and we could always reach him to keep us in the loop. Everything was is easy to read terms, and we were more than satisfied with all the information and sketches, even gave us recommendations of planning which we asked for. All in all what an excellent service, RICS registered and knowledgeable in all aspects of surveying buildings. – 27/05/2017

Mr & Mrs Hoole – Preston

Dear Mr. Eccles thanks very much for your survey for us on Croston property recently. We have moved in now. Please may I ask if you could recommend a contractor to help with the various items recommended on your survey, thanks Also you may remember we commissioned a survey on property at the beginning of the year which you kindly emailed to me. Ultimately the sale did not proceed. Since I received the survey for 2nd property. I have mislaid it. Please could you send me another copy via attachment? – 15/08/2016

Mr Neary

We needed to know how much we were going to have to spend on a house we were thinking of buying. so we had a Home conditions survey. This was well worth the money and so in depth with detail we were more than happy. Definitely going to use again and recommend to our friends and family – 1/8/2016

Mr Hussain – Blackburn

My boyfriend and I were in the middle of buying a property but needed to know how much work needed doing cost it was an older house. I am so glad we got Home defect Surveys in. We paid £275.00 and got a detailed plan, options on repairs and costs. I was so in-depth and easy to understand. We managed to get a reduction in the asking price to get the work required undertaken. What a brilliant service – already recommended to all our friends – 10/08/2016

Ms Warmsley