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Home Defect Survey Reports offer so much more than standard surveys. They are suitable for both buyers and sellers of properties, or if property owners need advise, consultation or just peace of mind. I provide you with a costing and defects report which saves time and money before you commit to additional expense. Perfectly located in Preston we offer home surveys in Preston and the North West.

Home Defect Surveys was created to make available to the individual property owner/lessee accessible solutions, analysis and advice from a skilled and practised professional. Salvo Eccles is a independent Civil and Building Engineer with over 35 years experience and a Certified Associate Member in Building Surveying with the RICS and I have a wide scope of knowledge across most facets of construction and will personally undertake your survey

He will personally visit and evaluate your construction defect issues. He will then issue a report, set out in layman’s terms to indicate the nature and extent of those defects and also estimate the potential cost of any necessary repairs and defect solutions.

Introducing the revolutionary BallCam surveillance camera system.

35 years of experience in the building and surveying trade

During 35 years in the building trade and 25 of those running my own firm I have frequently provided reports and given quotations for construction certificates to civil engineering certification standards and in line with RICS regulations.

In addition, I have provided many Building Inspection Reports for people interested in buying a property but unsure of any defects and cost of repairs, including FBS, HBS and CS Reports

Conversely, I have been contacted by sellers wishing to evaluate and eliminate any potential problems that may arise during a prospective buyers survey. This avoids house sales falling through usually at a stage when all parties are ready to go ahead.

I specialise in the inspection, survey and reporting of house defects for any interested parties who benefit from my detailed knowledge and provide them with an assessment along with recommendations and estimates of the extent and cost of any repairs.

I also provide services for property consultancy, project management, planning and building regulation requirements which include design and specification for loft and garage conversions, extensions, foundations, dilapidations and roof pitches.

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